Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Does Xicano Mean?


  I done run across a word on the internets. Sum guy calls himself Xicano. Wut does dat mean? How do you say it. Ex-ee-a-no. Exano? I am cofuzed and I hate being confuzed.

I know wat ex means. I got six of dem. I dont pay chilren supports becuz they all tells me "hey, Pete dey aint yer kids. Ya gotta have sex wid us befour dey can be yer kids. We only married ya to have access to Uncle Bobby Bob's meth lab out in the shed where Grandma LaDonna sleeps.

SO this guy is someone's ex? Why brag bout it? My momma got 13 ex huzbands and sh egots 11 kids frum dem but she aint bragging bout it unless it is at da food stamp office so she can git mour food stamps.

 But back to my point. point rimes wid joint and now I got the munchies. wat wuz I talking bout? Oh, hey, the Xicano guy. Why braG bout your ex? Why name yerself after yer ex? It is juss so stoopid. needliss to say da guy looked like he wuz a messican so i guess he wuz juss making a new identeetee so he cood pretend dat he aint messican. So he named himsef after hsi ex wife.

 Sum dings I juss dont understand.