Friday, January 20, 2012

Mitt Romney is a Messican

Mitteo  Romneyez

Yep, it is the trooth. Mitt Romney furmer gubner of Massyshusetts has admitted that he is a Messican. before I go any more I got to say I am sorry fer not posting in a while but the judge said that I had to stay away from the internet and small farm animals fer the last few months. SO back to the story about Mitt the messican. Yep, Mitt is a beaner. His daddy wuz an anker baby. His grandpappy wuz a messican. His ansisters went to messico becuz they wanted to get murried to a bunch of womin at one time. What the hell? I cant stand getting murried to one womin at a time. What an idiot.

Mitts ansisters Brigham Romney went to messico one step ahead of the law. We in this family know how that is and we do not hold that against Romney. The gubmint makes us break the law when they try to control want we can and cant dew. Why cant we cook meth in the shed. It is my shed so what is the problem?

It seems that sometime during during the Pancho Villa war, you know the war that decided that the tortilla would replace bread in messico, that is when the romneys decided to hop the boarder and cum here to live a better life. Where have we herd that one before? Every messican sez he wants to cum here fer a better life.

so how can we trust romney to be prezident when he is a beaner? we all know that they are all law breaking illeagles. we need honest paytriots as prezident, the highest orifice in the land. We need a paytriot like Nute Gingrich. Gingrich means gringo in messican, so it means that he is one of us. He will bring Americuh back to where it once wuz. I think the beaners moved it a little to the south, so gingrich can move us back to where we once were.

I will never vote fer a messican fer prezident, that is if I still had my right to vote.