Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gubner Brewer has done wroted a book: A short excerpt

My sexy hero Jan Brewer has done writtened a book. I dont know wats its called other than dat book writtend by Jan Brewer heroe to all Americuns fer fighting against the illeagle messicans.

I found an excerpt of her book on da internets so it gots to be true if it is on da internets.

Jan brewer is brave to had signed the SB 1070 bill that make it a crime fer brown paper not to carry papers when da wuz out in the streets. It aint rachel profiling cuz who gives a damn about rachels meadows cept dose damn commnists who waTch dat damn commie MSNBC. SO stop crying about rachel profiling. It aint dat.

SO here is the excerpt which is like  a shorted exsample of something.

A Possible Excerpt From Jan Brewer's New Book "Profiles in Lunacy"

It was the bestest of times. It was the worstest times too. I done not know what to do. I known-ded that I had got to sign the bill, SB 1070, but I was concerned-ded that the pro-illeagles would boycotted-ded Arizona. But I had got to have got to be brave and sign the bill to stop all the brown people that are have been a pest in Arizona and force them to show there papers to the cops.

Wee could build new prisons to hold all the illeagles that will get catched by our brave Sheriff Joe in his campaign against the criminals who are chopping heads off in the desert. It is not good to chop a head off a living alive person. It is hard to live life without no head. Just look at me. It was a struggle to go by life without a head. I bearly made-ded it through high school to get a diploma. Now we gotten Messicans chopping heads off in the desert. We gots enuff brainless people in Arizona, we sure do don't need headless ones as well.

The tv cameras were all on me. The bright lights were shining down at I, me. I knew that as I put my crayon to the bill for my signature that all the country would be looking at my wrinkle-ded face and look up to me for inspiration in our common fight against the evil invaders from Messico. I felt-ded so good when I putted my signature on the bill. I could hear trumpets blowing, but then I remembered-ded that I ate cabbage for lunch.

The bill was now law. we could can now arrest all the brown sub-humans and sort them out and send most of them, legal or illeagle back to where they belong. I was aware of the signickficance of the moment and that one day I will be president of all america becuz of what I was didding right now. This was the first nail in the coffins of all the filthy illeagles.

Pretty soon me and Sheriff joe and I, we, us, will have, had, will got our own reality show that they want to call "Fat Ass and Wrinkly Face." Does this dress really make my ass look fat?

Shurf Joe will buy da book even dough he dont know how to read.