Friday, August 19, 2011

My Hero Rick Perry has cold globals

Rick Perry Licking the tip of a wiener


My hero rick perry, da gubner of Texas, is telling folks dat global warming is a hoax. It sure is a hoax. I froze my darn globals off last winter when the heat company shut off the heat cuz I did not pay the bill. Illeagles git to pay der heat bill with food stamps and here a good old boy cant even go four months of not paying his bill without a termination notice?

damn illeagels.

anyway, my globals were frozen every night. dey waz so frozen dat when i had sex with lulu, one of the small animals on my land, i ejackulated ice cubes.

I love rick perry fer telling it like it really iz to us real paytriots. all doze commie lovin democrats only panda to the ileagles. stop panda-ing to the criminals. Panda to the Americuns.

I cant finish dis post. I hear knockin on my trailer door. I think it is the probation officer. I failed the pee test. I drank it thinking it wuz lemonade. Gotta go quickly out the back door...bye