Monday, July 18, 2011

Russhole Pearce's Grandson's Sciunce Projeck

Will There Be Minorities in Heaven?

I found dis pickture on da internets so its gots to be true. It is a science projeck about will there be monorities in heaven? Whatta stoopid question. Hell is livin with minorities. We all know dat god punished cain for killing his bruter able, or did he punish able for killing cain? I gets mixed up in the byeble becuz der is so many stories in it.

god punsihed the killing bruther by putting a mark on em and dat is how we gots negroes and othur dark peeples like da messicans. if its on the internets or in the byeble it gots to be true.

dis kid is said to be the grandson of our great Russhole Pearce. The board shows a pickture of joseph smith on it. joseph smith discovered the mormon church in a field in new york. up till them they were hiding in a field of corn but joseph smith found dem and brought dem out and maid himself king of der church. dey is known as the moremans. I joined der church cuz i always want more, man. more beer,more meth. more sheep, i just wants more

so can dark peeple go to heaven>? why waist time on the kwestion? we alls knows dat god is white. just look at his picktures in church. if de peeple in heaven are his children den dey gots to be white too. god aint a negro or a messican. he is white. dat is why he blesses us white folks with branes and intellygents. we are more intellygent den any dark folk. we invented evrything in the whirld. god even blessed us with shurf joe to proteck us agin the messicans.