Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jan Brewer Signs Bill Making Lunacy the Official State of Mind

I just red dis on da internets so it muss be true. It sez dat our lovely gubner ( i wanna have sex with her wrinkles) just signed HB 666 or the Sandbilly legacy Act which makes lunacy the offishow Arizona state of mind. It is a grate day for patriots all over our grate state.

here is wat I read.

Bill Aimed at Appeasing her Sandbilly Base of Power

Russell Pearce's ancestors, Jethro and LaFranklin Sue Bob
Pearce honored for helping to spread the lunacy genes. 

Yesterday afternoon at the double-wide of one of her fervent supporters, Jan Brewer signed HB 666 into law. HB 666 makes lunacy the official Arizona state of mind.
This was an obvious attempt to solidify her popularity with the wing-nut sandbillies who still demand a government investigation into the alien abduction of Elvis.

We need to honor our legacy and heritage. Ever since we came here during the Dust Bowl and continually inter-married we have been a strong and loud voice In Arizona politics. I only wish (Evan) Meacham were here today to see his folks honored in this way. Meacham was not afraid to call a colored kid a 'pickaninny'just like I am not afraid to call all the Messicans drug dealers and decapitators."

Estimates of over 15 people gathered in the dust-filled yard of the double wide to offer their support to their beloved governor. Arivaca native Crawford J. said "It is a good day fer us common folk who represent what Arizona is all about. My wife and sister over there feels the same way."

When a confused reporter told him that there was only one woman over there, Crawford gave him a confused look. "She is my wife and my sister. Damn Messicans took her job away. She was working as a trustee in the shurf joe jail but she got released due to overcrowding cuz all the messicans are in the jail."

Russell Pearce was in the audience and gave a short speech afterward.

We owe all our recent success to you guys. if not for lunacy, Arizona would be lost without a compass. Heck, we know so well where we stand that we must have our heads up our compass."

I love Messicans so much I'm gonna eat this family for lunch.