Thursday, September 27, 2012

BIg Foot Found in Ann Coulter's Mouth

I found this story on the internets so I sware dat it is true. It is about BIg Foot getting found. I always new dat sum day sum one wood find Big Foot. He hides better den a messican in da dessert. maybe Big Foot is messican, but I dink he is legal cuz he has been here a long time. I member my granpappy bouncing me on his lap and tellin me bout the story of the Big Foot. grandpappy went to jail fer bouncin da yung ins on his lap but he didnt now it was agin the law.

Anyway, dey say dat Big Foot wuz found inside the mouth of sum womin folk named Ann cOulter. I aint two sure of who she is but I dink she wirks with a guy named Fox were she makes fun of are Muslim, cummnist prezident Barrock Osama.

Here is da true story.


 Here is da pic of Big Foot walkin in da yard of Ann Coulter

Elmer Taitz, the preferred dentist for the tea bagging elite, recently found Big Foot hiding deep inside the mouth of one his patients during a dental procedure he was performing in his dental offices located in a storage facility on the Fox News studio property.

Taitz said he immediately recognized a big ball of smelly fur deep inside Coulter's mouth. "I thought it was just a bad case of halitosis until I saw these big eyes staring back at me. Then I realized it was the sasquatch. I knew it was him because I watch every episode of Hillbilly Bigfoot Hunting on the Fox owned Hillbilly Hunting Network."

Coulter was not aware of the incident because she was under the influence of some of Elmer's special "knock out juice" which he uses on his patients and tried to use on his first dates before he was indicted.

When asked how a Big Foot could live inside a person's mouth Taitz replied: "I did x-rays on her. It ain't just her mouth that is empty, her entire head is empty. There is a lot of room for a Big Foot to live there. Now I understand why no one has ever found him."