Friday, January 28, 2011

Trained Armed Posse Hunt Fer Illeagles Fer Shurf Joe

Shurf Joe a real Americun Hero!!

The newly formed Illegal Immigration Enforcement Posse helped sweep the illeagle messicans frum da streets of Phoenix. a group of armed volunteers that were trained to report illegal activity. 41 dirty criminal got arrested in the sweep. The best thing was dat the white guys got to push around and harass the messicans which is what the sweeps are all about.

We gotta catch all the illeagle burger flippers. first they flip burgers illeagle, then de will flip the bird illeagle. i dont want no illeagle flipping the bird at me.

Shurf joe is a brave man to keep us safe frum illeagle car washers and illeagle burger flippers. if you want to flip a burger do it the leagle way. do not cum across our boarders to flip burgers illeagle.

shurf joe fer president in 2012