Friday, January 28, 2011

Hero Cop Beats the System in Shenandoah

Its not only the messicans illeagles who our beating da system. Yesterday the great Americun hero jason Hayes beat the system when he wuz found not guilty by a jury of the pears in Pennsylvania. Whoze Jason hayes you say? I guess you just aint up to all the real stories about the illeagles.

Jason Hayes gots dis girl friend who werks for a bar in sum town called Shenandoah. I think dat da town is named after the jimmy Stewart movie. Anyways dis girl friend got sumpunk kid fer a son. He is like u and me. He spends hsi weekends getting drunk until he is old enuff to apply for disability cuz right now being a white man in Americuh is a disability.

So dis punk kid and sum of his buddies do a 6 on 1 beat down on sum messican illeagle who wuz walking by. Da punk kid and his buddies beat da messican to death. So the cop and his buddies let the kids go and den de tell dem to git der stories strate. Nuthing wrong wit dat. But back in the good old days a white man never had to wurry wen he kilt a colored man. Dat is why we want to bring Americuh back to da good old daze.

So the messicans all over the country git wirked up becuz of the killing and deys cums to Shenandoah to protest and everything. But the kids git found not guilty by the jury of the pears and things are good again in Shenandoah. But the feds git involved and double jepperdy de kids and find dem guilty of violating the rights of the dead messican. How can a dead illeagle messican have any rights?

But no the gubmint aint happy with only double jepperdy the kids. Dey go after the cops and git dem fer obstrucking justice.

Wat the heck is obstrucking?

dey is fake charges. but two of de cops git found guilty but jason hayes gits found not guilty. His wife is happy and jumps up and down so much that her beer belly pierced ring falls out of her belly. at least i wuz told dat it did.

justice at last. if a cop cant tell a lie to protect hiz girl friends loser punk son den when can he lie?

If a cop cant lie about sum messican who dont even belong in the country den when can he tell a lie? I am glad dat sum good old boy jury cum to its senses and finds dis hero not guilty.

jason hayes-he got the wird police written on his cap so he can member how to spell it when he writes a report. my sources say dat Jason wuz the jelly doughnut eating champeen from Shuykill COunty fer de last 6 years.