Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MInute Man Pete Banned From Utah Newspaper

brigham young looks like my uncle Esophagus

I done commented on a story in da on the line version of sum Utah newspaper called the salt lick tribune. salt lick is a big city up in utah where men can marry a bunch of womens and small farm animals. it is heaven on earth. anyway. i commented on sum story bout the dream ackt and the paper deleted my account that i had to make to comment on der silly paper.

I tell it like it iz and doz liburols dont like to hear the common man tell it like it is. they are all eleet media peeple who dont know wat it iz like to be a commonman like me and saruh palin.

ANyway here is wat i wrote in the salt lick tribune


when my ancesters came to Americuh from England 200 years ago they did not applie fer food stamps and they had to lern english when they got here. I am sure they had to wait in a line becuz who would let anyone just rush onto a ship?

These students need to go back were they came frum. They need to do it the leagle way like my old kin folk did. Go back, wait in line, and get on a ship. Lern english like my great-great-great-great-great-not so great daddy did when he come frum England.

these illeagel students are trying to make good patriotik americuns have compassion fer them but i am not fooled. we cant let compassion blind our judgements. When I go to court here in tombstone the judge never lets compassion keep me out of jail. Say no to compassion. Americuh wuz bilt on no compassion.

Saruh Paylin in 2012.