Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lookin' fer my dad

I wanna use this blog only to make my views on the illeagles known to the whole whirled. But i know wanna use it to find my long lost daddy who abandoned my mom Ladonna and her kids Peter, Rocky, and Scrotum way back in the 60s. My dad got out of jail in 64 and wuz never seen again. I wanna see em to let him know what great kids we are. Two of us actually learnt to read and write.

I remember one time we wuz riding in the pick up when my daddy run over a dog in the road becuz he said the dog was transmitting sending messages to teh Beatles to invade america. that is how the illeagels invaded. sum dog sent messsages to the messicans and told dem to cum and enter our boarders.

anyway here is the last picture we got of our daddy. if you see him tell him that i am now fame as the minute man pete from tombstone and that i got my own trailer.