Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saruh Paylin Sez She coud Beat Ohbama fer the Presidencey

Our tea baggin hero Saruh Paylin sez she can beat the illeagle Africun we now gots fer president when she runs in 2012. Saruh is upbeat by the populairety of her youngin Bristoll in dat relaity tv show Dancin in the Stars. I call in about 100 times to vote for Bristoll. I never knew that votin wuz so eazy or I woud l have voted befour.

I had to sneak to my neighbors trailer to make the calls seeing that we aint had telifone service since AUnt Irma Mae  ran up the bill trying to run a telephone sex biziness frum our trailer. Peeples woud call in collect and she woud accept. she didnt know better. she thought that collect meant that the telfone company woud collect the fee fer her.

Auntie Irma is in prizon rite now because she wuz running a bizness were she gave womens a wax and sum turtle wax got in sum womens privates and she ended up in the Tombstone Hospital and Oil Change right by the highway. you know were itz at.

Wat wuz we talkin bout? oh, yeah Saruh Paylin and her run fer the prezident. saruh can easily out run the africun we now gots in the white house. Saruh is a jogger. I seen her picture in her jogging outift. It is hanging in my outhouse. I look at it all day long . It inspires me. But the Africun prezident smokes and probly cant run even if the cops or the Klan were chasing him. Back in the old days the klan woud have chased him frum the white house. hello! It is the white house. not the black house.

Saruh is white and belongs in the white house. once she is in the white house she can look out her bedroom window and see all of washington and quickly become an expert on the federal gubmint.

All patriotik folks are fer sister saruh. she is honest. she is against the gubmint. she even quit her job in the gubmint to show us common folk that she is really against the gubmint. she is a winner and a quitter of gubmint. we all need to get to our telefones or the telfones of are neighbors when they are not home and vote. I think you can call the same number fer Dancing in the stars to also vote fer Saruh fer prezident. so git off yer fat butt and walk 2 feet and call in fer Saruh. call a lot of times cuz you know that the illeagels are voting for the africun becuz he promised to do that amkneestey fer them where they can be free to cum inside our boarders.