Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More newspaper commints frum minute men supporters

Marianna Avra [Moderator] 1 day ago

I'm also an emigrant. But I cam legal in this country, and I'm also paying my taxes. One think I dont understan ,how this ilegal emigrants can get a job, claim as many dependends as they want and get taxes money back. This is the stupidest think I've ever known. I did never thik, that a country like America can get as low as I'm seing it know. And I do believe that here may be a solution to stop this ilegal emigrants to coming and coming and never stop it. If is a rule and is low shoud work for everybody.

I could not say it any better myself. except dat I am no damn emigrant. I was born in Americuh rite here in this trailer back before they had colored tv. heck we had to go in the back yard to take a shit. We still do it for tradition even dough we got a toliet that flushes most of the time in our living room.