Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So many peeples think like I do when it cums to da illeagles

These are real commints from sum newspaper in Utah. I did not make dem up. Der are all kind of good decent patriotik Americuns who hate the beaner illeagles like we minute man out in in sandbilly Land. Heck, if the messdicans can have Azzyland why cant the minute men have SandbillyLand? We were here first.

My grandpappy Darrell"Boogers" Fitzgerald Alexander Leroy Bulldog Bucktooth Fulton Smith moved here in 1943 when he refused to fight in the war. He was a hero. He famously said " I aint got nuttin against doze nazis because no nazi has ever called me a hillbilly."

Grandpappy changed the family name to Clampett when he came to Tombstone.

What were we talkin 'bout? Oh yeah about the newspaper commints from Utah. I got a kin in Utah. he is a fundamentalist polygamist in the small town of Porkfuck, Utah. He is from the Pearce side of the family. His son Russell came back to Arizona a few years ago, but we lost touch with him.

Anyway here are the real life commints that came from a news story in utah about sum politician in Utah who wants to pass a law like sb1070.

cherokeeoutlaw [Moderator] 23 hours ago in reply to dave4197

Really what about valuing the american way of life .You know such things as :
A job making a living wage
being able to understand the person taking your order at McDonald's
having your children be in a class that dont need a damn interpretor.
My brother lives in ssl and his 5 year old son is on a six mo. waiting list at the elementary school for kindergarten. Because of all the illegals 45 + kids in a class an maybe 5 Americans. Pfffffffft, the illegals just like a swarm of cockroaches are ruining this country my family has fought for ,died for and helped build what a sad say it is !!!!!!!!

Yep, not being able to understand a fast food worker really effex the value of the americun way of life. 

cherokeeoutlaw [Moderator] 10 hours ago in reply to cherokeeoutlaw

my definition of the american way of life is as follows
1) To be able to support my family an pay my bills
2)To not be harrased for flying the american flag
3)to have my children learn at a rate not encombered by illegal alieans who speak no english
4)to know my children are not at risk by infectious diseases by illegals who skirt our medical examination laws on entry to this country
5)to not be in danger at a job site cause some illegal cannot read or right english
6 Not to be worried about some illegal using my daughters ss # for their own personal gain
But they can use yer daughter for der personal pleasure?