Friday, September 3, 2010

Sheriff Joe Is Sued by Federal Gubmint

The last great Americun hero and the greatest law man since Andy of Mayberry, Sheriff Joe Arpihole was sued by the federal gubmint becuz they claim dat Sheriff Joe did not comply the demands of the gubmint. Hell, I never comply with the demands of the gubmint. No buddy in my family has ever filed taxes. I dont wanna have my taxes go for all doze illeagle anker babies who get food stamps and metti care-which is welfare for illeagles.

Dey say dat Sheriff Joe Arpihole discrimmynates against the Messicans but dat is a big fat lie. Joe hates all of doze Messicans so he dont descrimmynate if he hates dem all. ANd the gubmint is trying to claim the Sheriff Joe violates the Silver Rights of the illeagles. The illeagles dont have a right to own silver. Heck, they should not even have the right to recycle pop canss and beer cans.

I used to recycle beer cans but I used to drink whatever was left in the can until that day when I swallowed a live scorpion. I had to go to the Tombstone emergency room but it was crowded with all the illleagles trying to have anker babies in the lobby. There is even a food stamp office in the lobby of the emergency room so the illeagles can buy a burritto while they wait to drop the anker baby.

For real. There is a food stamp office in the hospital. My couzin LaGladys Mae works as a janitor there and she told me so.

Without Joe around to fight the good fight against the illeagles pretty soon all the schools with be filled with illeagles. That dont really bother me since no buddy in my family ever went to publik school we were all home schooled by Grandpa LaVeryl.  But he died 6 years ago but we still cash his social security check.

We need a good man like Joe to protect us from criminals like the illeagles. Just last month sum illeagles ran into the shed and stole th emeth frum are meth lab. Darn freaking criminals.

That is why we need guys like Sheriff Joe Arpiehole to protect us gogod cittizons of AMericuh.

Illeagles got no rights. They aint even human they are illeagles. Every human i ever known was legal so dat means dat illeagles are not even human.

Say no to amwaystee. We dont need anothur amwaystee like we did with Ronald Reagan when he open the borders and all the Messicans came running in to take are jobs. I never had a job to steal but the messicuns took Uncle Earlys job delivering the newspapers.

Say it aint so Sheriff Joe. I love you. I mean that in the romantic way. If you go to jail I will violate my payrole so I can serve with you in jail. We both would look good in pink undies.