Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Muzllims Want to Build a Mask Near Ground Zero

Uncle Cletus done told me dat dem Muzllims wanna build up a mask somewhere in new york. Dat is just darn crazy and disrespeckfill. Why do dey wanna build a mask to cover up der womens folk faces near new york?

If muzllims wanna build a mask for der womens folk den dey should do it where dey cum from in Muzllimarabia. If der womens folk wanna cover up der faces over der den day iz fine but dont build a mask in new york and expect to use it here. Women got a right so show yer face in America.

Imagine if women in america had to wear a mask? we couldnt tell the ugly ones from the pritty ones. a man gotta see what he is buying before he buys it. What if the women got a mask on and she is covering up her mustash? i done seen women with mustashes before when I visited dat place where dey had a lotta of doze eastern europe peoples.

we gotta stand up and fight the muzllims on this one. dey do not have a right to build masks anywhere and force are womens folks to wear dem. right yer congressman and glenn beck to stop this crazy stuff frum hapenin in america. no masks!!!

see dat is wat happens when america lets in all doze forenneers into the country. dey wanna change all the customs and soon we all will be wearing masks and eating camel tacos.

we need to take america back before it is to late to bring it back into the god-fearing country it was before the cumminist lovers in washington started to change it.