Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ken Cuchi Cuchi is not as smart as mom

Charo Chuci Chuci and her son Ken Chuci Chuci

I remember watchin the sexy Charo on the Tonight Show when I was a just a youngin growing up in the trailer in Tombstone. She was such a smart and funny lady. She was always laughing and saying "cuchi cuchi." Uncle Cletus once told me dat cuchi was her last name. Uncle Cletus never lied to me except fer dat one time he tried to say der wuz no Sanny Klause.

When I got older I looked up Charo Chuchi Cuchi on that new fangled internet becuz I wanted to follow her all over the world but I could not find her. I googled her. I binged her. I yahooed her. I am good at yahooing. But I could not find where she lived at. I did find someone who I think is her youngin who lives in some place called Virginie where he used his mother's great fame to win sum politikal office.

Uncle Elmer agrees with me that he must be the kin of Charo Cuchi Cuchi. He sez that he changed his name because he new that he could never compare to the intellecktual of his mom. Who could? She is the smartest person I ever seen on tv.

He done changed his name from Chuci Chuci to Cuchinelli. Maybe his middle name was Nellie?

Now he is sum eleckted general in Virginie where he gives his upinion about a bunch of stuff and he gets to talk on that Fox News where they all brag on having balance.

Why brag about balance? One time I walked a strate line when the state truepper stopped me for thinkin I was drunk. I was only shit face, i wasnt drunk. anyway, dat was sum good balance when i walked dat strate line but I do not have to always brag on it.

Where am I? Oh, yeah, Ken Chuci Chuci.

A few weeks ago Ken Chuci Chuci gave his upinion about immigration checks in Virginie. Dat is so dum. Everybuddy knows that the immigrant dont get paid in checks. He gets paid under the table. That is so dum to. Why crawl under the table to git paid when no buddy is lookin? No wonder we want to deport them all.

The Washington Post, a post in Washington somewhere near Seattle, wrote that Ken Cuchi Cuchis upinion is unremarkable. Duh? Dat is why he changed his name, cuz he is not as smart as his mom.

Ken Chuchi CHuci is big with sum of my fellow partiots but I dont git it. But maybe it is becuz I compare him wiht his smart mom witch makes him look moore dum to me.

A man cant help it if he is dum. All the noise he makes and all the upinions he gives dont make him any smarter.

Now Ken Chuci Chuci wants to regulate the abortion clinicks. I thought that real patriots were against the gubmint regulation of bizness. I know that sister sarah from up north in Alaski is against regulating the oil bizness. It is unamericun to regulate bizness so wat the hell is Chuci Chuci tryin to do?

I am all fer making abortions illegal. Dat way Aunt LaDonna May can make money doing her back alley abortions even if we dont got alleys in the trailer park.

as much as I love Charo and all the memories of her picture and me in the bathroom, I dont like her dum-ass son Kenny Chuci Chuci. I dont give a darn if he is a general in Virginie. The only salute I will ever give him is the one fingur salute.