Monday, August 9, 2010

Secure the Boarders

It is importint to feel secure in America. I do not feel so secure livin in Tombstone with so many beaners running all over the desert. So I feel good dat the gumnit voted to secure the boarders. I herd on the news that washington passed a bill for $600 million to secure the boarder. while da gumnit cant do as good as a job securing the boarder as us minute men can I bet with all dat money dey can manage to keep out sum illeagles from hopping the boarders.

I used to spend the weekends protecting all of america by sitting in a folding chair with a cooler full of keystone beer and my trusty dog Pedofile. Not one illeagle got by me when I was on the job. The gumnit should just hire us to do the job dat dey cannot do.

Dose liberrerol eleet media frm back east are pretty stupid. Once they came to do a story on us. When I bent over to get a beer from the cooler one said sumthing about joe the plumber and another said something about crack. Dat is so stupid. I aint joe the plumber cuz I still got most of my hare. and joe the plumber dont take no crack. he is a real americun patriot. that is why de libbererols hate him so much.

anyway, now that they gumit is spendin sum money to secure the boarders maybe we can turn back the raza invasion of the reconkwista. the raza is the tan klan but the media turns the other way for dos guys. dey only go after the patriots like j.t.ready and russell pearce who is ready to put his life on the line to protect our country from the brown people.