Sunday, August 8, 2010

Change the 14th Amendment:NO more anker babies!

Just because we do not want our country to copy how other countries do things, like stoning an adulteress or paddling a kid in the town square because he scribbled graffiti on walls, does not mean we should not copy how other countries treat the babies who are born in their countries by people who are not citizens. No countries allow anker babies to become instant citizens just because their illegal alien parents sneak over to drop a rug-rat.

America should be like the other countries and ban the anker baby provision in the 14th amendment. I have never read the amendment, but like my hero Sarah Palin, I do not have to read in order to be a knowledgeable patriot.

Besides, Fox News, the only real news in the nation, reports that the 14th amendment applied only to African-Americans after the civil war. It did not include anker babies in the amendment. If our forefathers wanted to include anker babies they would have included them since the are inspired by god and god don't make too many mistakes other than putting Mexico right under us.

But hell is right under heaven too. So the USA is heaven and Mexico is hell. SO why do we let devils invade heaven? It is time to change the 14th amendment to say that anker babies are not allowed in this nation. NO ANKER BABIES!

If we stop letting anker babies become citizens then families no longer have to be broken up. We just deport the ankers with the rest of the mexicans. We do not need babies who will grow up and making us press two for english and will only work at the fast food places. We need real americaun babies who will speak english and be smart enuff to work real jobs like cable tv installer and 7-11 manager.

This ain't about compassion to. So dont let those damn liberuls commies make it into a thing about compassion. they are only mexicans and we cant afford to feel sorry for the whole world. god can only love so many good people to let them be born white and americun.

what about compassion for america and its way of doing things? mexicans are stealing our culture and our god-given way of life. they even have a hispanic aisle in the local market. they are taking over i tells you. first the market then what else? Soon we cannot buy any more old-fashioned americun products like hot dogs, which were brought over on the mayflower.

so in closing, it is better for us and for the mexicans if we stop letting the anker babies become citizens. anker babies were never meant to become citizens only african-americun babies. it is bad enuff that we let a foreign born africun become president but we have to draw the line and stop the anker babies from invading.