Friday, August 6, 2010

Gay Marriage in Californicate

Sum activist judge in Californicate ruled that the voter's will ain't important when he over turned Prop 8 as unconstitutional. How can sum communust loving socialust loving judge know anything about the constitution?

What's that you say? George W. nominated the judge to the federal court? Just goes to prove how much of a communst Bush the youngster was. Is it only a coincidence that the W in George W Bush stands for Walker and the activist judge who overturned Prop 8 is named Walker.

Damn, where is Chuck Norris when you need him to kick sum commie liberal ass?

Anyway, now all the fruit loops in Californricate are gonna get married and have all that homo gay sex. If i can get arrested for having sex with my farm animals then all those queers should be able to get arrested for having sex with each other.

America is turning into a freak show I tells you.

Will i now be free to marry my horse. I love my horse too and my horse is an adult in human and dog years. I am trying to teach my horse to say "I do" just like Mr. Ed used to talk to Wilbur.

I love Mr. ed. It brings back memories of watchin tv and sitting on Uncle Cletus' lap when ma and pa weren't home.

So i am gonna write my congressman and complain about how the communust judge took away the will of the voters. You should write him too and complain about it. I bet Obama is all happy about it since he is the first foreigner gay who ever got elected to the white house.

There is nuthing more disgusting than two men kissing each other. That is why I saw Brokeback mountain man movie 47 times. Although where i am from, any movie with sheep in it is shown late at night on pay tv.

I tired to count sheep so i could go to sleep but I sprained my wrist and couldn't sleep.

what are we talking about? Oh yeah sheep and gay marriage. If i cant marry a sheep a man should not be able to marry anuther man. Th emormons are really tinkered since they channeled so much money to beat the homos up and now it was all for nothing,

Flip flop Romney was real mad too as the most famous mormon since those cute Osmond kids who still come on late at night on pay per view in my neck of the woods.

romney said that marriage is between a man and a woman...and a woman...and a woman...and a woman...and a woman...and a woman....