Thursday, July 29, 2010

SB 1070

Wuts with all the fuss about SB 1070? Who cares if the cops wanna see yer i.d. card? I show them my card every time they come by the trailer to see why I did not check in with my probation officer.

Anyway. Gubner Brewer is my hero. I wish I could have a Dream Act with here. Damn she looks so good for being 80 years old. I wanna have sex with her wrinkles, she is so damn sexy!!!

So now some activist judge has ruled that SB 1070...I am not sure what they rules. I do know that now Sheriff Joe cant stop all the messicans and make them wear pink undies. I love men in pink undies but I digress...or is it I digest. I am never sure how to use dat word.

So why are all the messicans crying and getting their panties tied up in a mess just cuz they gotta show sheriff joe der i.d? I will show the sheriff anything he wants to see cuz i am a real americun patriot. I almost served in the army but i had too many felonies.

so please send sum money to gubner brewer to help her fight against the 13 billion illegulls that we got in arizona. I wish obama would sue all the sanktuary cities who let all the illegulls live and give dem free food stamps and free dance lessons.

I hate obama and it ain't got nuthin to do with him being a colored man. I had a friend who was colored once back in 1969 before i knew any better.

So anyway here is a pckture of some lady patriot who are protesting against the illegulls in feenix.

See how wide she can open her mouth. She must be a real tea bagger.

amen fellow patriots.