Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Latino columnist agrees that the term to use is "ellegal"

latino writer in favor of calling ellegals ellegals

Der is so much argumentation about the use of the word ellegal to desrcribe the baorder hoppers and jumpers. If dey cum here without papers and the green day card then dey are ellegals. it is as simple as dat.

All those left wing nut cakes without frosting argue and say dat no human is ellegal. dey is making it easier for us by claiming that dem ellegals are not human. how stupid can dey get?

now there is a famous (famous as far as latinos go) writer who agrees wit me on dis. Ruben Navalroni or somehting like that sez in his column that he writes fer sum boarder town paper in Caleyfernia sez that the term to use is ellegal.

I will cut and paste ( i now all the latest techno trix for the inteernet) and show you wat he said.

"No human being is illegal.

That’s nice. It’s also nonsense."

He really said dat. it is noncents to say dat no human is ellegal when all ellegals are ellegal.

no more argument. so shut up.