Tuesday, December 29, 2009

minute man pete is out of jail !!!!

Surry fer not postin fer 9 or 11 months. I just got out of jail on the trummped up charges of dry humping a cactus near tombstone. the forest ranger got picktures but they doctered them up to make it look like me...i think it wuz really chris simcox lookin fer sum more publicity.

anyway. since i aint been posting fer 10 months or so i figure that i have told as much truth in that time as alipac or my uther good buddies at FAIR. you dont speak for me so shut up. oh, i wuz talkin' to those voices in my head. they go away after a few drinks.

since i been in the lockup sum folks have been pretending to be me but there is only one minute man pete but i am flattered up like a hog in a puddle of vaseline that dem folks are playing like dey iz me. it is a complement or a sign that they lack any creativity. i had to look dat werd up in my funky wagnalls dicktionery.

wats with that guy burning his shorts for allah. i wouldnt burn my shorts for anyone. anytime. anywear. fire and scrotum dont mix me with me. good thing they caught the guy. i hate dem terrorists...he probally came here across the boarder before he caught that flight to deetroyt.

i hopes to write sum more on here. it took me a while to set this blog up i had to ax my cousin Jeremiah to help me cuz he is the computer wiz round deze parts. he is so smart he got this thing called AOL on his computer.

i hope dat damn soshowlist obama dont pass any reform cuz we dont need no more beaners in amerika. we got to many already here working at mickey dees and at the car wash. we need more sheruff joes to catch these eleagles in the roundups and send them back to new mexico where they belong.

if you wanna cum here cum here leagally. cum with papers if you wanna cum inside our boarders.

i shouldnt have started with doz dam eleagles. my blood gets boiling and i need a drink except i got to walk past the school to get to the licker store. and i cant go by the school i cant do that for the next three years.

i wanna thank the one guy who reads my blog and who used my name while i wuz away in jail . i am back so thanks fer keeping my name warm!!!!

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