Thursday, January 15, 2009

elligulls ruin health care

We all hear bout all them elligulls ruin our health care by overloading the hospitols with there anvil babies and all the emergency room visits they use up. I heat it to and I am just sick and tired of all of it. I heard that my Uncle Cletus's second wives cousin by marriage could not get medical care when she got bit by her pit bull named Michael Vick. Anyways, I heard that sum nurse told her that the elligulls were the reason why she could not get care. It is a crime cuz she had insurance. I think she had insurance in 1982 when she used to work for Cousin Lenny giving backrubs at the truck stop. Amyways.

What makes it all worse is that the CEO of a health care giant, Willie McGuire, retired and only was able to take a 1.7 billion dollar parachute wiht him. That is only about $6 per Americun. Shouldn't the person who loves us enuff to give us health care be worth more than that? If it were nt for the elligulls using all th ehospitols for free than McGuire, a real patriot, could get a decent retiremunt benifit.

So put the blame on health care where it belongs and it belongs on the wetbacks of the elligulls. If is was not for them then our luving, caring CEOs from our healthcare corporaitons could retire with a livable retirement package.

Thank you for sharing yer time with a real Americaun patriot.

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