Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Hate Crime Too

Why are so many folks up in arms and legs 'bout hate crime? We all hate crime. So whats the big deal and why do the eleete liberul media talk about it when some Brown people get beat up? America is bilt on the rule of law and that means we love the law and hate crime. duh. what part of that is hard for the lineruls to understand?

I hate all crime. I never do crime except for those little ones we all do like run stop signs, speed on the highway, cheat on taxes, and watch porn on the computers at the library. but since we all do those things then those things do not count because it is de facto. I know those fancy terms becuz I am smart.

Sheriff Joe hates crime to. SO why do the eleete liberul media hate him? Sheriff Joe is a real Americun hero fighting the eliguls and sending them back to their home. Joe is sure a nice guy. I bet he made sure a lot of elligulls made it home for the holidays. he deserves a noble peace out prize for being so noble.

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