Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cummunist Old Ladies Display Afghanis at Senior Center

Wat is Americuh cuming to? I just herd frum cuzzin Leotard dat sum old ladies are gonna display der afghanis at the tombstone senior center. Old ladies are allowed to have der own  afghanis while our brave men and women are fighting cummunism over der in afghaniland? Wats wrong wit dat?

I e-mailed sheruff Joe arpihole about dis but he is to bizzy arresting all the terrerist car washers and terrerist burger flippers in his county. he never responded to me. so i put sum big rocks in my pocket and i went to the senior center to see why afghanis were gonna be displayed der.

When i got der i took out the biggest rock in my pocket and i aimed it at the eyes of the old lady who was sitting behind the desk. i asked her dat i wanted to see the afghanis who were gonna be displayed. 

dey are all in on this cummunist plot.

she told me dat de display was on the weak end but dat dey had one afghani dat came in early dat i could see. SO i pointed de rock at her eyes and said let me see it. all she showed me was a blanket like the one Uncle Gluteus used to put on his lap whenever he had to itch his rash.

he really liked to itch dat rash of his. he wood smile so big when he itched it. 

i didnt want to see a blanket i wanted to see the afghani cummunists elleagles. i bet dey came over the boarder with de messicans. according to da sexy gubner jan brewer 3 million terrerist muzllims cum across the boarder to chop off heads and cummit acts of terrerism.

Anyway I was about to trow the rock at the old lady when my probation officer came in and busted me for cutting off my anker moniter. de judge makes me wear it cuz he arrested my house. for real he gave me a house arrest.

i had to go to the tombstone jail fer a few days until Uncle Cletus sold sum drugs to doze college kids frum tombstone massage and nails college. den he had enuff money to bail me out.

so fellow minute men and patriots beware of senior centers who display ellegal aliens afghanis. it is a socialust obamacare plot to overtrow Americuh and to change are ways of life four ever.