Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Cuzzin Sarah Ellie mae Pollen-Guest Voice

My good cuzzin Sarah Ellie Mae Pollen will be rightin in dis blog every now and den. I just wanna introduce her to yah in case you cum here and see her and think dat you got da wrong blog.

Sarah Ellie mae is the smartest one of are kinfolk. She dont read like the rest of us but she did get a college edukation. Dis is a list of de colleges she went to.

  1. tombstone college of massage and  nails-1999
  2. sasabe school of cacti design-2000
  3. university of arizoni-2001 fer three  days
  4. flagstaff school of web design and motel management-2003
  5. idaho aryan school of creation, bible studies and sportscaster jernalism -2004-2006
She graduated with cum magnum.

She is now the manager of the trailer park and she is murried to sum guy who dont do much of anything just like de rest of de man folk here. we do go and show are support fer sheriff joe anytime de cummunists and da azziland tan klan protest against that great Americun.

She cums frum the Pollen side of our kinfolk. i think de are called the pollen becuze der women folk git fertilized when dey are just youngins. it runs in der family. 

Sarah Ellie  Mae is a real patriot. She is fer annexing arizona frum the union,.

Dis iz n old pic of her. She is a lot heavier now with a bigger ass than she had here when  in dis pic.But she had all dos kids whO i cant even name.

Her kids names are Sock Puppet, Remote Control Triple  A Battery, Sue Harold, and ESPN.