Thursday, September 23, 2010

Americun hero puts up truthfull billboard about illeagles invasion

Shurf Paul Babeau, a true ameircun hero and  friend to us minute men, put up a billboard telling all the people how the messicans, even the babies and teen-age girls are the biggest threats to are security. Dos babies mite have explodin lickquids inside their bottles and the teenage girls might be sending text messages to Obama Bin Ladder. Just cuz dey look sweet and innocent dont let dat fool yah. dey wants to fool yah into dinkin dat dey aint posing no threat to are security. heck, dey mite be planting crabby grass on yer lawn when dey iz cutting it.

Here is de billboard below.

all de cummunist raza de la raza tan klan are gettin der pink panties dat dey stole frum Shurf Joe up in a knot over de billboard. wat is de fuss? if dey dont wanna be called a security threat den dey cann all go back two were dey cum frum.

AMericun hero Shurf Babeau. if he aint two smart it is becuz it is a fact dat dey bran cells excape from a bald head. when uncle cloytus turnt bald he also lost his mind and we had to put him in the shed until he destroied the lab we have out back.