Thursday, January 1, 2009

if elliguls werent here there wood be no hate crimes

what is all this bout hate crimes against elliguls? if they werent here there wood be no hate crimes. sounds simple too me. I dont have to be no liberal eleet academik type to know that much. I care bout them elliguls and I do not want them to cum here if they are gonna get kilt in a hate crime. So if you care bout elliguls close up the boarders. build the great wall of messiko to keep them mesikans safe from the hate crimers.

I thnk this is where i start a new paragram. I am new to this blogging thing and I can only be in this computer in the tombstone library for 45 minutes before my time is up. as i write this i can see thee elliguls in here using the library that the taxes i pay from my disability check go to support for us good americuns. so as i was saying save the messicans and keep them in messiko.

is this time for th enext paragram? how many sentences do i put in a paragram? how do i do it with that double spacer thing between the lines. The lines are too close and I get nervous about that.

i hate elliguls. if they want to cum over the boarders they need to learn to cum legully.

I joined this group o fpatriots called FAIr today while i was on the internet today. at first i tought it said FAIRy but i aint homomansexual. but it said it was against elliguls so i thought it was a
gays aginst the beaners sight so i joined anyway since I am with anyone against the beaners but i do want to keep them safe from crime haters.

do i start a new one? come on and help me.

so in conclueshun i wanna say that keep meesikans safe and deport them before the hate crimers kill them all. as you all kkno we are agains the hate. our leader cris simcock is against all hate. so send him sum money to build a fence.

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