Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop The Dream Act

We need to stop the Dream Act. I really dont know what it is but if my honey Sarah Palin didnt know what the Bush doctrine is then why should I know what the Dream Act is? Them liberal elite elite academik types think we should know everything but what do they know. All I kow is that the Dream Act is amnesty. Good old boy Roy Beck told me so in an e-mail he sent me. SO all good Americuns untie and join us freedumb fighters in fighting against the Dream Act.

Send all the ellegals back to Mexico and New Mexico and those other foreign countries where them brown peopel come from. America is white and should always be white. DOnt let ellegals change our sin color and our culture because they cant learn to talk english and they steal jobs and sell drugs in pick up trucks at the home depole. I see them all the day at the home depole trying to steal are jobs. They stole my job just because i was sick for two weeks with a hang over and in jail for that meth thing in the park, but if sarah palin's kinfolk can sell meth why cant all good freedumb loving americuns? i bet that if mexicans sold meth that they wouldnot go to jail but they would overcrownd the skools and the emergency rooms and use up all the toliet paper at the chevron.

stop the ellegals by stopping the dream act. the last time i acted on a dream I spent 6 months in jail so put the ellegals in jail for wanting to act on there dreams to.

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