Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MInute Man Invented Bloggin'

The word bloggin comes from me. A long time ago, I think it was three days after that liberul tree hugging global warmin Al Gore invented the internet, I invented bloggin. The internet was brand new and only a few minute men were on it since we always our on the cuttin edge of all things teknickal.

I was writin in a journel on-line on A-mail. It took a while befour e-maile was invented. Anyway, I was writng and Joe the Minute Man said to me'hey Pete what cha doin' and I said that I was loggin sum stuff into my journel. Then I said I be Loggin into my jornal because I am wittie like that and me and Joe laffed alot (this was before Joe invented LOL and ROTFLMAO-I still dont know what it means) and so I called it I be loggin and becuse I was lazy i spelt it b-loggin and somehow it became just bloggin. Honest to goodness truth. We only tell the truth out here in Tombstone. But I got no money from it becuz I didnt think of getting the rights to it. Who knew that there would be more people on the internet than there are elliguls in the land of the free. I didnt know it. But there are about one million people on the internet right now. one time they all marched to washington to protest chris hansen and teh dateline takin away there freedumb and it was called the million man march. why is it called dateline when that hansen guy messes up all are dates?

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